Individual solution making
I think that the art of finding the right way is shaping during all our life and all our life we really have the right answer for all of our questions that we ask frequently ourself. Unfortunately we not always have access to those answers. In this situation Coach is exactly the person you need in order to help you to find this access to your inner wisdom and brush off fears that prevent you from achieving your goals.
I will help you with a pleasure in next cases
Some examples of situations when you can ask coach for help:
You don't know how to achieve your goals
You know exactly what you want but you don't know how to get it. You see some ways how you can achieve your goals, but you scared to make a first step and you feel lack of confidence.
You can't find energy inside of you for acting right
You don't have enough motivation and you don't understand where and how to find it.
You don't know your goals
There is no comprehansion where to go, it's difficult to prioritize things in your life, you affraid to fail. Perhaps you still don't know your true calling and you want to understend what kind of job is your dream job.
You have a question and you can't find the solution for quite a long time.
You always come back to this question and always postpone the process of finding answer becouse it seems like there is no answer or alternative solutions are wrong for you.
You want to increase your business results
You have a project that has to bring you more profits, or you want your business to grow, or maybe you need an optimization and you don't know how to do it.
You want to improve your self-efficiency
You feel that you need to develop yourself: better plan your life and work time, make your conversation with collegaues or people around you more efficient (becouse you don't feel they understand you or you don't feel you understand them). You want to start concentrate not only on work but also on other important things in your life. You are not satisfied with your income and you would like to increase it. Maybe you want to understand your weaknesses and strengths and make a plan for self-development.
Group of companies DIKSI want to express sincere gratitude to Coach and Business-trainer Aleksey Zhuravlev for a high-quality work in providing coach sessions for managers of different level.
Coach-sessions were made in terms of project "Development and assessment center" for 24 employee of the company. In the result all of the participants gave positive feedback and came to decision of some of their problems in work process.
We want to say thanks to Aleksey for precise decisions, direct following for our commitments and also possibility of work with high level professional.
Group of companies DIKSI is willing to recommend Coach and Business-trainer Aleksey Zhuravlev to other companies as a reliable partner.

Group of companies DIKSI
I came to Aleksey with a concrete problem. I had big difficulties with motivation in my work. I literally couldn't do simple things that I was expected to do and though I made myself to do it using deadlines it didn't work. Aleksey helped me to find a decision in my contradictions and find "the proper shelf" for everything. First success was on the first session. After this with every next session Aleksey helped me to find sources of my problems, to see things from different angles and to create an individual new approach to myself. Now I feel myself really free and full of confidence inside. Thank you very much for this!
In Aleksey's work I like his soft individual approach and precise and structured task setting in every session.

Sokolov Igor
I had never worked with a coach before but now I know that for thouse who have difficulties with making a decision, coach will set the right direction for making this decision. I want to express gratitude to Aleksey for coach-session, for making it comfortable, for his attention to every tiny thing. I had a really difficult question concerned to my future career. I couldn't make a decision and was moving back and forth in my answers. Aleksey helped me to see the situation from another side and to find and estimate proses and cones, he gave me some the comprehension how to build my dialogue with my boss. I made a decision that brought me to new way of development in perspective field. Aleksey, thank you very much!

I want to share my impression from coach-session that I had with Coach and Business-trainer Aleksey Zhuravlev.
I have never thought that many problems, questions, tasks could be solved with coaching. This is mega cool technology that enables you to talk to yourself but through coach's questions. The most important is that I found several very useful thoughts that I imply in life now. This is like untangle one big ball of threads of thoughts in your mind. Thank you Aleksey for your work and contribution in a process of solving my questions.
I recommend such professional coach as Aleksey to everyone!

Osipov Daniil
I'm grateful to Aleksey for his work! All sessions with Aleksey were very comfortable for me and this comfort helped me to open myself in all questions. In our sessions I like 2 parts. First is a skill of formulating precise and useful questions and the second is a skill of connecting metaphorical thinking with logical facts. In whole, sense of trust, right questions, good resumes gave me incredible push in my development and goals achieving.

Provansov Kirill
From first minutes of coach-session I felt a professionalism that was displayed in every tiny moment. During coach-session Aleksey was carrying about my comfort and it was very important for me. It was easy to open myself and speak about my questions and Aleksey skillfully directed a flow of my thoughts in the right direction. Our sessions made me look at my life in a different angle, find new potential and start to act. Thank you!

Markovskaya Daria
I started to work with Aleksey with career question. I haven't worked with a coach before and I was curious about if this method efficient or not. The result of the first coach session exceeded all my expectations! I found new deep values and big opportunities that was literally near me.
Thank you Aleksey for your mastery! The coach session was provided in a soft and purpose-oriented style. I changed my attitude towards the process of job searching (feel pleasure instead of feeling overburden and denial).
Also I raised relationships with my girlfriend to the new level. Now I feel flow state which I was searching for and now I know who will help me if I will have some "unsolvable" questions.
Thank you very much!
Zotkin Alexander
I usually solve all my problems by myself but once I faced the situation where I couldn't make a decision. I decided to try coaching as a way to make a right decisions. It was amazing how easily my thoughts were "combed" and a wish to act appears afterwords. It's a uniq experience when a person listens to you, ask you questions but don't give any answer. That makes your brain think and make decisions on it's own. That is what you need when you sticked somewhere and you don't know what to do. I recommend this method and Aleksey as a coach!

Modestova Anita
One coach session is enough for understanding several key points about your request, set few first steps in right direction and perhaps step over one inner obstacle towards achieving your goal.
1 Coach-session
6 coach-sessions
Six and more coach-sessions will help you to start work on self-development systematically, check changes and work with inner resistance and obstacles.
12 coach-sessions
Twelve and more coach-sessions will help you to fully integrate all changes in your life and to receive qualified and resistant result in important spheres of your life.
How many sessions do you need?
Standarts for coach-sessions
Before we start I recommend you to get to know key standards:
Number of coach-sessions
Everyone is individual and we can solve your question even during one coach-session. Nevertheless, optimal number of coach-sessions is 8-12 with one per week regularity. It will help to firm your results, check appearing changes and implement all changes in life.
One coach-session lasts from 40 to 80 minutes. Usually I ask my clients to book 1 and a half hour for it. We will work untill at least small result will be acquired.
Respect and Discipline
If you didn't notify me about canceling coach-session from your side 24 hours before coach-session, you pay the whole sum of coach-session like it had passed.
No one will know about information that we discussed. All is confidential.
Price of coach session depends on chosen program and it's topic.
Price for coach sessions in English is 150$.
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